Osteopathic Spirit Award

Each year the AOOA selects an individual to receive the Osteopathic Spirit Award, which is presented during the Ohio Osteopathic Symposium.   This award is given for outstanding support of the osteopathic profession.  
Past recipients are:
2004-2005     Chip Rogers
2005-2006     Mary Schreck
2006-2007     Sandra Foster, PhD
2007-2008     Jon Wills
2008-2009     Irene Bell, JD
2009-2010     Sharon B. Zimmerman
2010-2011     David C. Eland, DO
2011-2012     Ioanna Z. Giatis Kessler, DO
2012-2013     Rebecca Marx
2013-2014     Ashley B. Simpson, DO
2014-2015     Michael E. Dietz, DO
If you know of someone who has made significant contributions to the osteopathic profession and would like to nominate him (or her!) for the Osteopathic Spirit Award, click below for a nomination form.  Nominations for the 2016 Award are due March 20, 2016.
Nomination Form