Yellow Ribbon Teen Suicide
Prevention Program

Yellow Ribbon is a community-based program that works with local organizations and
individuals to empower both youths and adults with strategies for suicide prevention. 
The initiative was begun in 1994 by the parents of Mike Emme, a Colorado teen who completed
suicide.  Gathering to discuss the tragedy of losing Mike, his friends asked Emme’s mother what
they could do.  “Don’t attempt suicide,” she said.  “Even if you are at this point of despair, please
ask for help.  
The AOOA has actively supported the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program (YRSPP), for
more than a decade.  AOOA President Mary Schreck has made hundreds of presentations to
schools and other organizations across the state and has personally helped distribute more
than 15,000 YRSPP “lifeline cards” since May 2001.  The national Advocates recognized Schreck’s
suicide prevention work and presented her with an Emme Award at the 2002 Annual Convention. 
Her participation and dedication to this effort along with that of her husband, Ed, is in memory of
their son Christopher who died in 1996.  
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To schedule a presentation in your community or learn more about participating in Yellow Ribbon
presentations, contact Mary Schreck through our Contact form.
To make a donation to help support our Yellow Ribbon presentations, please write a check to AOOA,
note Yellow Ribbon in the memo line, and mail to:
Becky Marx, AOOA Treasurer
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